Are you a leader? Wanna fight for good? Be a #C2C team member!

Hey there, 

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your commitment to C2C!!! We are growing fast and it has been hard for me to keep up, especially since I have to worry about the funding to keep this thing going. I admit, I need your help!! It would be great for C2C to really utilize its contacts to make the world a better place, but it is just too much for a few people to do by themselves! 

I am reaching out to you because you have expressed interest in C2C by checking out our site. Now I am asking, would you like to act on that? We are looking for leaders! If you have a great idea, or cause and you would like to be the direct contact in that field please let us know! We need strong, dedicated people that have a few free hours here and there. 

Do you see the “Meet our Team” area of Do you notice who is missing? YOU!!!!!

Projects we have going on:
  • Setting up collection meters for the homeless
  • Food is free (Helping neighbors plant gardens)
  • Meals for the elderly 
  • Accumulating stories (everyone can do this and we can assign different areas)
We need writers, bloggers, and PR interns. (having someone on the front line of what is really going on in the world to post to our page and keep it interesting, keep people informed.)

Industry nights for certain causes (pick a club, restaurant, bar and then pick a cause. set up an event and all proceeds go to the cause.)
We need photographers to capture people in the acts of kindness

There are so many projects and ideas flying my way but I just cannot do them all! You are needed more than ever to change this world. Don’t be afraid to play a bigger part in it! A team is in place to help you whenever its needed for advice and guidance. Let's embark on this journey together! Please send an email to or go to the contact page if you are interested in taking your ideas to the next level. You can be a key player in the economic changes that are to come!

This opportunity was made for you! So that you can share your greatness with the world. More than that, you will personally touch the souls of many others, which is the greatest gift. 

Today we raise the bar. Who wants to lead?

Misty Romano
CEO/Founder, Capacity 2 Care